Tiesto is the Dr. Dre of house

No wonder

She is

"…All sexy and full of heartbreakingly beautiful scars."

Hero at an early age

Hero at an early age

Marijuana  World  Peace

Marijuana World Peace

Silverback OG

Silverback OG


woke up from a dream that felt too real. I was out getting lunch and just as I was about to go outside you tried to sneak up on me but was spotted and said, “what’s up man, what have you been up to?” It felt too real, I couldn’t even believe it. I wanted to belive it, I tried to believe it.

You picked up our conversation as if we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks… I don’t think you even know you’re gone yet…still full of life

I was really losing my cool before you came, I actually completely lost my cool before you said what’s up. Which why I think you paid me a visit.

Thanks bro, I needed that. Wish we could’ve chopped it up some more though but I’ll see you around.

Loi’s birthday

Happy Birthday Loi!

So close, so sad… giwns8vnwoancuci disappointment at it’s finest